Earn Affiliate Commissions by Promoting a Mobile Wallet Webinar


Calling all affiliates! PassKit will be hosting a free webinar on Secrets to Increasing Customer Loyalty via Mobile Wallet on April 21, 2015. We’re looking for affiliates to promote and drive attendees to this mobile wallet webinar. The ideal webinar attendees are: Decision makers from agencies & marketing digital agencies where ideal agency size: 5-10 […]

Why Every Business Needs A Mobile Wallet Strategy


To many, Passbook is more than just an example of mobile engagement through mobile wallet. To these people, digital wallets represent not only the future of how people are going to pay for goods and manage the coupons/special offers/loyalty programs that come their way. Passbook and other mobile wallet engagement strategies represent the true future […]

How To Engage Your Customers Through Mobile Wallet


If you want to take customer engagement seriously, then you’re going to have to take mobile wallet engagement seriously as well. As more and more people rely on their smartphones for so many different aspects of their lives, concepts like mobile wallet engagement is a strategy businesses simply cannot ignore. The mobile wallet represents one […]

Increase Customer Loyalty And Retention With Digital Stamp Cards


The Future Of Loyalty Programs Loyalty programs are not a new concept unto themselves. Brands have been increasing their reputation and reach for decades with programs designed to retain current customers, while giving potential customers incentives to come on board. There is no question that your brand takes the subject of customer loyalty seriously to […]